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After 12 years of Decimated King founder/frontman/vocalist Angus Shaw has decided to leave the fold due to personal reasons and creative differences. We wish him all the best with his future endeavors and thank him for his service to the band. You can catch Angus on guitar in the new lineup of Oblivion Dawn and give him a follow to stay tuned for more details on his brand new old school death metal band \m/

For anybody still living under a rock that has not heard: Thomas Thrasher officially left the band part way through 2018 but has been an absolute legend helping us out and playing shows with us whilst things have been hectic. We have a great relationship with Tom and he will always continue to be a big part of the Decimated King family.

Which brings us to the future..
We will be explosively coming at you hard with a new lineup, brand new songs, ripper live shows and all the rest of the debauchery that you all know and love. Thank you to absolutely everyone that has supported the band in anyway to this point – big loves right at you.

ALBUM: Follow this page closely as that fabled album we were working on forever ago is actually complete and due to be released very very soon… (for real – no joke).

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