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Straight Outta The Shed

Straight Outta The Shed (and into the pub)!

New City Hotel
527 Colombo St
R18 – $10
Doors at 7:30pm

VoidShaper are ready to show you fans what the fuss is all about with over an hour of pure all up in your face Heavy Rock Entertainment. Along with us we have the mighty death metal powerhouse Decimated King and rock act Held in the Mind

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A huge thank you to everyone involved so far in the UTSC – Australian & New Zealand Metal Festival! We had an absolute blast over the weekend in Melbourne and Sydney and hope to be back in Australia very soon! Cheers Cameron Mckenzie, Angie Stewart, Evelyn Hotel, The Bald Faced Stag, Child Bite, King Parrot and to all the rest of the bands and the fans/new mates that made it possible!

You can catch Decimated King next 05/05/18 for the UTSC 10 – Christchurch Metal Fest!
@New City Hotel
527 Colombo St
R18 – only $10
Doors @ 7pm
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Joining us we have three amazing Aussie acts we had the privileged of sharing the stage with on our travels and one classic killer local band!

Annihilist (Aussie).
Blurring the lines between European melodic death metal and the new wave of American heavy metal, ANNIHILIST, tie this vortex together with a progressive style of songwriting. Live performances are a vital aspect to Annihilist, the overly charismatic singer Harry Pendock always turning heads at shows with his often theatrical behaviour, adding a much needed element of fun to what is all too often perceived as a serious genre.

Kaerulean (Aussie).
Kaerulean formed in 2012 hailing from Brisbane Australia, taking influence from Melodic Death Metal, Black Metal, Progressive Metal and Orchestral Music. Since inception they have self-produced their works and strived to avoid mimicking conventions. Their intention is for the listener to drift into concept fueled journeys and tales of the unknown.

Fenrir (Aussie)
Fenrir speed thrash metal freaks!! Their latest album Loki’s Slaughter mutilates the finesse of Classical and Romantic counterpoints in the jaws of blistering Speed Metal to create an abominable blend of balanced harmony and catastrophic entropy. If you like the unrelenting pace and scale of early Blind Guardian, the brutal grace of early Ensiferum, or just the legacy of the 80s, Fenrir is worth a listen.

Coming from the depths of the shaky city’s (Christchurch) metal underground, SWARF is here to send shards of metal particles full of energy to run a muck in your ears!!!
Insane stage presence.

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UTSC – Australian & New Zealand Metal Festival Show Announcements:

We are absolutely stoked to announce we will be playing 4 shows as part of the 2018 UTSC Australian & New Zealand Metal Festival. This will be our first international shows as we cross the ditch to the mighty Australia to play 3 shows and then finish off back in Christchurch to headline the night. We can not wait to share the stage and meet with all the bands involved including Melbourne’s very own King Parrot and from Detroit U.S.A Child Bite, see you all soon! \m/

[1] UTSC 10 Metalfest Melbourne
Friday 20/04/18 – Evelyn Hotel – 351 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia.
[Lineup] Annihilist – Neckgrip – Decimated King – Fenrir – Afterburner
[Event Page]

[2] UTSC 10 Metalfest Sydney
Saturday 21/04/18 – The Bald Faced Stag- 345 Parramatta Rd, Sydney, Australia.
[Lineup] King Parrot – Child Bite – Laceration Mantra – Blunt Shovel – Ya̧nomamö – Nekrology – Heathenspawn – Anno Domini – From Crisis To Collapse – Arkheth – Fenrir – Wardaemonic – Decimated King – Terrorentia
[Event Page]

[3] UTSC 10 Metalfest Sydney (All Ages)
Sunday 22/04/18 – The Bald Faced Stag 345 Parramatta Rd, Sydney, Australia
[Lineup] King Parrot – Child Bite – Laceration Mantra – Murder World – Decimated King – Annihilist – Kaerulean – Dead Life – School of Rock – Alchemy
[Event Page]

[4] UTSC 10 – Christchurch Metal Fest
Saturday 05/05/18 – New City Hotel – 527 Colombo St, Christchurch, New Zealand
[Lineup] Decimated King – Annihilist – Kaerulean – Fenrir – Swarf
[Event Page]

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Gig – @The Darkroom

McEwen DIY M&T & Churches of Steel Fest presents
Lich King (USA) and Hidden Intent
‘THE OMNICLASM’ Australian & New Zealand Tour
January / February 2018

“Lich King (USA) tour our region for the first time belting out grade-A, unapologetically straight-forward thrash metal in the vein of the 80’s Bay Area bands such as Exodus, Slayer, and Vio-lence. To date, the band has released five critically acclaimed full-length albums, each of which feature fast, headbangable riffs in modern stomp anthems and a sometimes comedic yet always violent songwriting sensibility. According to Metal Observer, “LICH KING have been defying public opinion, lampooning the self-righteous, and generally snapping necks with their furious brand of thrash metal.”
Check out their video for “Cut The Shit” here:

“Joining the furious ride is Adelaide’s thrash bangers Hidden Intent. Like the riotous music they play, HIDDEN INTENT have been carving their way through the masses with their unabashedly unapologetic ‘80s-throwback thrash metal, a form of music that wholly embraces its American and European roots in the Bay Area, Scandinavian and Teutonic thrash scenes. Being lauded for their “energetic” live show and the “party thrash” they play for their audiences, they combine with LICH KING for what will be the most thrashable tour of the year!”
Check out their video for “Addicted to Thrash” here:

Come see us join them on their Christchurch stop of the tour at The Darkoom.
Friday February 23rd! 23/02/18
336 St Asaph St, Christchurch!
8pm – R18
Ticket information through Cosmic here:
Facebook event page here:

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