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Off our debut album “Dead Air” which is due to be released on Friday 31st May on Spotify + 200 other streaming sites!

Thank you to all that have supported us up until now. Let us know what you think, give it some love, crank it up, share it round and have yourselves a great and excessive weekend!

Vocals/Lyrics – Angus Shaw
Guitar – BennyMav
Guitar – Tom Thrasher
Bass – Brad Lucas
Drums – Jonty Verkerk

Mix/Master – Floyd the Butcher
Artwork – Jake Clark

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Announcement: Bryce’s Arrival

We are very stoked to be introducing to you the newest member of the Decimated King family, our new drummer: Bryce Tozer!

Bryce has been a very good friend of the band for the past few years and plays drums alongside Brad in local Thrash group “Extorted”. He has been practicing the setlist relentlessly ever since the opportunity was first mentioned to him late last year and is due to grace your ears this upcoming February.

Make sure you catch our first two performances with Bryce:
– [17/02/18] @ New City Hotel – Carnal // Vixen Execution // Decimated King // Grief.
– [23/02/18] @ darkroom – Lich King (USA) at Darkroom w/ Hidden Intent + guests.

We would like to send a huge thanks to Tess for the awesome photo shoot and to the New City Hotel for providing the location. Also we would like to give a huge shout out to Angie @ Third Eye Music NZ for all the love and support. Cheers to all the great bands we have seen and played live shows with this year and thank you to all of you for your ongoing support!

Stay tuned for many exciting things to come in 2018. Enjoy your holiday season from of all us here at Decimated King and we will definitely see you next year! \m/


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