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Decimated King 2014 Demo Track “Excess”

Today Oct 20th we recorded and released the demo track from the stuff we have been writing leading towards our debut album.
The track is “Excess”.
Any feedback is much appreciated.

The song is available for free download in our Discography

Drinking till I can’t drink anymore
Smoking till I can’t smoke anymore
A life of excess, of sex, drugs and violence
Of debauchery and decadence
Wrath gluttony and lust
A life full of sin
A constant bender
An endless binge
Tramadol eyes and a Mescaline grin
Sex drugs and violence
Wasted intoxicated
Self medicated
My only love is for sex drugs and violence

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Decimated King is back!

After a lengthy year full of injuries, hold ups, writing and scraping of new sets, line up changes and all the rest we are finally back and ready to gig.
Our first gig of the year is coming up on August 23rd @442 Tuam Street.

There you can also check out the local talent of:
– Aura
– Secularity
– Organectomy

We will be performing some of the new material plus some good classics.
Make sure you come down. Free Food and drink which is awesome (non alcoholic as the gig is all ages)
It should be an awesome night so come support youth metal in Christchurch.

More announcements coming towards the end of the year so stay tuned.


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