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Cacophony RDU 98.5FM Live Session

Missed us on Cacophony RDU 98.5 FM? Want to hear the show again? Check out the links below!
Featuring our live performance of 5 original tracks, a couple good yarns and a lot of great NZ Metal!

Our set list:
01 – Excess [4:27-8:00]

02 – 1803 [8:11-12:10]

03 – Misanthropy [12:33-18:02]

04 – In a Blaze [18:21-23:22]

05 – Barbiturate [23:56-27:50]

You can catch Angus, Tom and Ben in the studio with Nik and Scott talking about gigs, venues, the upcoming album and NZ Metal in Part 2 at 11:30 and 33:05.

We would love to say a huge thank you to Cacophony, RDU 98.5 FM, BeatBox Studios and NZ On Air. Also a massive thanks to Alex Harmer for your time and engineering skills and Marc Royal for providing the sick as jam space. If you’re looking for somewhere to jam in Christchurch, whether you’re a band, solo artist or producer, hit up Marc at Make sure to tune in Tuesday nights to Cacophony and to keep cranking NZ Metal this NZ Music Month! \m/

[Live Set] – Click Here for Part 1

[Good yarns] – Click Here for Part 2

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