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Gig – @The Darkroom

McEwen DIY M&T & Churches of Steel Fest presents
Lich King (USA) and Hidden Intent
‘THE OMNICLASM’ Australian & New Zealand Tour
January / February 2018

“Lich King (USA) tour our region for the first time belting out grade-A, unapologetically straight-forward thrash metal in the vein of the 80’s Bay Area bands such as Exodus, Slayer, and Vio-lence. To date, the band has released five critically acclaimed full-length albums, each of which feature fast, headbangable riffs in modern stomp anthems and a sometimes comedic yet always violent songwriting sensibility. According to Metal Observer, “LICH KING have been defying public opinion, lampooning the self-righteous, and generally snapping necks with their furious brand of thrash metal.”
Check out their video for “Cut The Shit” here:

“Joining the furious ride is Adelaide’s thrash bangers Hidden Intent. Like the riotous music they play, HIDDEN INTENT have been carving their way through the masses with their unabashedly unapologetic ‘80s-throwback thrash metal, a form of music that wholly embraces its American and European roots in the Bay Area, Scandinavian and Teutonic thrash scenes. Being lauded for their “energetic” live show and the “party thrash” they play for their audiences, they combine with LICH KING for what will be the most thrashable tour of the year!”
Check out their video for “Addicted to Thrash” here:

Come see us join them on their Christchurch stop of the tour at The Darkoom.
Friday February 23rd! 23/02/18
336 St Asaph St, Christchurch!
8pm – R18
Ticket information through Cosmic here:
Facebook event page here:

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Gig – @New City Hotel

Decimated King will be returning to the stage and debuting their new drummer 17th of February 2018!

Carnal // Vixen Execution // Decimated King // Grief

Sat 17/02/18 – New City Hotel – 527 Colombo Street, Christchurch – 8:30PM – $10 at the door – R18!

This will be our first show of 2018 and first show with the new lineup. We will be supporting the mighty Carnal alongside Vixen Execution and Grief! It’s going to be big, see you there!

“CARNAL return to Christchurch for the first time in 4 years!! Carnal will bring their unique blend of Brutal Slamming Tech-Death to the South Island once again, before they embark on their tour across the USA later in 2018. Fresh out of the studio recording their forthcoming album, to be released through USA Brutal Death label ‘New Standard Elite’ mid 2018. Carnal look forward to delivering a relentless live set to Christchurch, the city in which half of the members originated from.”

Don’t forget to catch us the following weekend at Lich King (USA) at Darkroom w/ Hidden Intent + guests!

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Announcement: Jonty’s Departure

As a select few have already heard, our drummer and very good friend Jonty Verkerk has decided to leave the band to pursue his own goals. It has been an absolutely solid 10 years of blast beats, grooves, travelling, parties, laughs and good times with the Jont. We wish him all the best for any future endeavors and remain on very good terms with our brother!

You can catch our last booked gig with Jonty Sunday [29/10/17] as part of Satanfest 2017. Come down and see us 5 together one last time, cheers for the support.

More information to come in the following months..

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Satanfest 2017

Satanfest is back for 2017 with over 20 bands spread over 3 days!
27th, 28th & 29th of October [Fri, Sat, Sun]

Held at The Embankment Tavern 181 Ferry Rd, Christchurch.
A limited supply of 3 day passes are available for $30 @The Embankment Tavern or if you are out of town you can private message “Short Blast to Oblivion Productions” on Facebook to organise one.

You can check out the history of this event from 1992-2016 by clicking here:

$20 FRIDAY[6PM-1AM]:
– Place of Skulls [Christchurch] – Go On Dying [UK] – D.I.C “Back from the dead and into your mothers bed” [Hamilton] – CORPSEFEAST [Napier] – Voice of the Black Pharaoh [Christchurch] – Malevolence [Auckland] – Methchrist [Dunedin]

– Undiscovered Moons of Saturn [Auckland] – Gormukilliodokus [Christchurch] – Grief [Christchurch] – Deathcall [Dunedin] – Sanity Breach [Timaru] – Men An Tol [Christchurch] – Oblivion Dawn [Christchurch] – Vargafrost [Tasman]

$10 SUNDAY[3PM-9PM]:
– Carradine Choke [Christchurch] – Secularity [Christchurch] – Crypt Incursion [Christchurch] – Fourth Age of the Sun [Christchurch] – Decimated King [Christchurch] – Black Metal Sabbath [Auckland] – Organectomy [Christchurch]- Satanicum [NZ]

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Gig – @The Darkroom

Decimated King returns to the Darkroom for the second time!
Cheers to Short Blast To Oblivion Productions
Saturday July 08th – 08/07/17
336 St. Asaph St, Christchurch
$10 – Doors at 8pm – R18

Joining the stage with us:
– DeathCall
– Grief
– Voice of the Black Pharaoh

Facebook Event Page

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Cacophony RDU 98.5FM Live Session

Missed us on Cacophony RDU 98.5 FM? Want to hear the show again? Check out the links below!
Featuring our live performance of 5 original tracks, a couple good yarns and a lot of great NZ Metal!

Our set list:
01 – Excess [4:27-8:00]

02 – 1803 [8:11-12:10]

03 – Misanthropy [12:33-18:02]

04 – In a Blaze [18:21-23:22]

05 – Barbiturate [23:56-27:50]

You can catch Angus, Tom and Ben in the studio with Nik and Scott talking about gigs, venues, the upcoming album and NZ Metal in Part 2 at 11:30 and 33:05.

We would love to say a huge thank you to Cacophony, RDU 98.5 FM, BeatBox Studios and NZ On Air. Also a massive thanks to Alex Harmer for your time and engineering skills and Marc Royal for providing the sick as jam space. If you’re looking for somewhere to jam in Christchurch, whether you’re a band, solo artist or producer, hit up Marc at Make sure to tune in Tuesday nights to Cacophony and to keep cranking NZ Metal this NZ Music Month! \m/

[Live Set] – Click Here for Part 1

[Good yarns] – Click Here for Part 2

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Rory Tuuta

Thoughts today are with Rory, his family and friends and the wider community. It is a huge loss for all of us. Rory was one of the most talented people out, an absolutely lovely guy and a great friend. Countless memories of good times with us.
Look out for each other, be kind and caring.
Take it easy. Cheers.

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Gig – @The Embankment Tavern

Decimated King are returning to the stage this May!
06/05/17 Come on down to the Embankment Tavern where we will be supporting as part of the Organectomy Album Fundraiser & Secularity Return Show.
R18 – $10 at the door – 181 Ferry Road Christchurch, NZ.

A solid line up of all the local boys, rowdy times will be had, hope to see you there.

Facebook Event Page

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