The roots of Decimated King were formed in 2007 with bassist Marcel Stet and guitarist/vocalist Angus Shaw in a garage under the name Hangmans Noose. After a solid year of jamming they joined the City School of Rock, found drummer Jonty Verkerk and started working on material. The following year guitarist Brad Lucas joined the lineup. Upon the close of the City School of Rock early 2011 following the Christchurch earthquakes Decimated King began practicing at Hagley Community College and in late 2011 guitarist Benjamin Ellis joined the band freeing Angus to focus solely on vocals.

In early 2012 Decimated King recorded and released their first EP Ashes. The EP was a 5 track recorded and released by the band and engineered by Marcel. Throughout 2013 the band played numerous local shows and wrote a lot of new material, many of which was cut the following year whilst working on improving the setlist and sound of the band. In 2014 Marcel left the band and Brad moved position to the bass guitar freeing up the second guitar spot for the newest member Thomas Magrath.

Shortly after this the band released a demo track entitled Excess, the first official release since the previous EP. The band then got to work on progressing their sound, writing new songs, playing numerous out of town shows and expanding their fan base throughout late 2014 and all through 2015. In early September of 2016 the band released their second demo In a Blaze. Late 2016 the band starting the long process of working on their debut album. Late 2017 Jonty left the band and his replacement is yet to be announced. The band are currently working towards recording and releasing their debut album whilst continuing to play shows throughout New Zealand.

Decimated King are a 5 piece Death Metal band hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Current Members:
Vocalist: Angus Shaw
Bassist: Brad Lucas
Guitarist: Thomas Magrath
Guitarist: Benjamin Ellis

Past Members:
Bassist: Marcel Stet (The Steed)
Guitarist: Oscar Smith
Drummer: Jonty Verkerk